The Picture Exchange Communication System Training Manual

The Picture Exchange Communication System Training Manual, 2nd Edition by Lori Frost, M.S., CCC-SLP and Andy Bondy, Ph.D. is available in 15 languages!

Developed by Lori Frost and Andy Bondy, the goal of PECS is to provide individuals with an effective and functional method of communication. The PECS Training Manual begins with a description of the Pyramid Approach to Education, which is the foundation for creating all PECS lessons. A detailed chapter on functional communication follows. Each of the 6 training phases is described according to rationale, training steps, frequently asked questions, helpful hints, and sample data sheets. Helpful forms and worksheets are also included.

More information about the PECS Training Manual is available by location and/or language below:


*only available with PECS Level 1 Training attendance