Global Impact

Since Pyramid’s inception in 1992, our goal has always been to provide the highest quality training, consultation, and support to as many parents, caregivers, and professionals in the field of autism and developmental disabilities as possible. Using functional, practical, and evidence-based interventions, our aim is to help individuals effectively communicate, function independently, and be productive in their schools, homes, places of employment, and communities.  Our clinical teams operate in countries all over the world, bringing effective strategies and positive changes to the lives of individuals with a variety of needs, goals, and perspectives. We’re proud of the global impact our training, services, and products continue to make in the lives of individuals, families, and professionals around the world.

people trained in PECS worldwide since 1994

people completed training at Pyramid Workshops worldwide in 2022

(71 people per day, 501 people per week)

workshops presented globally in 2022

Pyramid has provided workshops and services in 90+ countries

PECS Training Manual copies have been distributed worldwide since 1994

distributed in 2022 alone

Available in 15 languages

PECS Communication Books have been distributed since 1994

PECS Communication Books distributed in 2022 alone

(91 books per day, 639 books per week)

Pyramid Certified Classrooms around the world

Over 60 workshop and webinar topics available

More coming in 2023

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